Step by step photo gallery of the construction of Bon Retour model.

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Photo 1. Hull frame assembly Photo 2. Completed frame assembly Photo 3. Bow filler pieces added Photo 4. Our workshop area Photo 5. Main deck assembly Photo 6. Bass pins in Main deck assembly Photo 7. The foredeck marked for drilling Photo 8. Drilling the foredeck to hold the pins Photo 9. All decks assembled Photo 10. Planking the decks Photo 11. A new layer of deck planking going on Photo 12. Home made plank cutting guide Photo 13. Holding glued deck planking in place Photo 14. Scraping the deck smooth with cut glass Photo 15. Constructing thicker waterways Photo 16. Planking the inside of the transom Photo 17. Holding the waterways and bullwarks in place Photo 18. The finished deck Photo 19. Preparing the hull planking gauge Photo 20. Shaping the bulwarks Photo 21. Assembling the foreward hatch cover Photo 22. Hull ready for planking Photo 23. Bulwarks pinned at bow Photo 24. Bulwarks pinned at stern Photo 25. Gaps under foreward bulwarks Photo 26. Guidelines for hatch cover construction Photo 27. Constructing hatch cover perimeter Photo 28. First layer hull planking started Photo 29. First layer hull planking finshed Photo 30. Staining the keel assembly pieces Photo 31. Attaching the keel to the hull Photo 32. Close-up of keel assembly Photo 33. Drilling nail holes in keel assmebly Photo 34. Keel assembly removed Photo 35. Failed attempt to trace keel assembly from plan Photo 36. 2nd attempt to trace keel assembly Photo 37. The scroll saw used to cut out the new keel assembly Photo 38. The new keel assembly in place Photo 39. Hull plank tapering Photo 40. Hull planking taper gauge Photo 41. Using a plank bending iron Photo 42. A bent plank Photo 43. The finished second layer hull planking Photo 44. Deck and rail fittings Photo 45. Closeup of rudder and propeller assemblies Photo 46. The finished model