Photo 5. Main deck assembly
Copyright © 2006, James Allen
Main deck assembly
This was more difficult than expected. That deck had to be bent both fore and aft and athwartships (at right angles to the the fore and aft centreline of the boat) at the same time - a difficult thing to do with plywood. So Robine used brass pins and glue with the strongest rubber bands she could find to hold the deck in place while the glue dried. She also had to file the key holes in the central bulkhead and some of the frames to get the deck to sit properly in place. She marked then drilled holes in the deck first to hold the pins in place. Then she glued the deck on and tapped the pins down firmly using a small pin hammer before stretching the rubber bands into place.

In the end it all came together nicely. Robine tried to hammer the pin heads flush with the deck to avoid interference with the deck planking that would be applied later, but this was not entirely effective so the heads of the pins had to be filed flat.