Photo 15. Constructing thicker waterways
Copyright © 2006, James Allen
Constructing thicker waterways
The instructions and diagrams are not completely clear on how the forward waterways (the outboard plank of the deck) should be placed in relation to the height of the foredeck. In consulting various books on model ships and on ship design in general we decided that the forward waterways should either be flush with the height of the foredeck or raised slightly above the foredeck level. Robine chose the latter option but, the supplied material only brought the top of the waterway plank below deck level. So Robine cut duplicate waterway planks from spare material and then sandwiched them together to form a much thicker plank, bringing it up to the desired height above the deck.

This photo shows the modified port side waterway being constructed using those handy wooden pegs to keep everthing clmped together while the glue dries.