Photo 28. First layer hull planking started
Copyright © 2006, James Allen
The first layer planking is now underway
Robine has chosen to double-plank this model and has purchased some 3 x 1.5 walnut planking strips for the outer layer. The choice to use double planking was mainly made to allow the boat's hull to have a timber finish instead of being painted.

Application of the first layer will not be as critical as the final layer because the hull with the first layer applied can be reshaped and filled as necessary to provide a smooth base for the second layer of presentation planks. Brass pins and PVA glue are used to secure the first layer planking strakes to the bulkhead edges. No bending iron was needed at this stage because the planks were soaked for several hours to soften them and the necessary bending to conform to hull shape was only moderate.

Note the filler strips applied to the two forward bulkhead frames (only just visible in this photo). These were necessary to align the planking strakes with the bulwarks. The gaps underneath the bulwarks were shown in a previous photo.