Photo 34. Keel assembly removed
Copyright © 2006, James Allen
Keel assembly removed
Sometimes with model boat building, you have to take a step backwards!

Robine had chosen to double plank the Bon Retour, but unfortunately the pre-fabricated keel sections supplied with the kit were cut for a single plank thickness. As result a second layer of planks would not have an edge to butt up against at the stern post. As the stern post was now flush with the first layer planking, one option available was to carry the second layer of planks all the way aft - covering the stern post. However, Robine chose instead to remove the pre-fabricated keel and stern post, replacing them with a scratch built assembly constructed from a slightly thicker mahogany board.

As this photo shows, she managed to get the original keel and stern post assembly off the model without any damage to the hull assembly. The pre-fabricated keel was destroyed during removal, so this could not then be used as a template for the new keel.