"The ship that will not obey the helm will have to obey the rocks." - English proverb

Model Ship Projects

We are both members of the Canberra Model Shipwrights Society and enjoy building historic wooden models of what we loosely call ships, but are probably more correctly described as boats. We hope to improve our skills over the coming years to eventually be able to scratch build model ships, but for now the commercial kits are challenging enough and offer considerable scope for adding our own improvements and for attention to historic detail.

Jim is building two wooden model kits:

bon retour photo
Bon Retour
Model boat construction

Robine has recently finished building the Bon Retour a 1952 French shell fishing boat (1:25 scale kit by Atesania Latina). This model was the principal project for a model wooden ship/boat building course run by the Canberra Model Shipwrights Society in 2006. She has now started building a model of the ketch Clara May.

Click on the image at right to see photos showing the various stages in the construction of the Bon Retour model including descriptions and tips for other beginners.