"Genealogy - Chasing your own tale!" - Unknown

Genealogy of Robine's Mother

The genealogy information used in this website was kindly provided by Robine's mother (Dilette). Robine is quite fortunate in that her mother has keenly collected photos and information about the ancestry of the Polach and Zeller families. Dilette has also written quite detailed life histories of herself and Robine's father.

The following diagram is a partial overview of the genealogy of Robine's mother, Odile Polach (Dilette). This diagram and the linked documents do not include all of the detail currently held in family records.

The tree diagram below includes some links to more biographical information and photographs in PDF format (click on names - not all are active yet). These biographical details are password protected (see access details in sidebar at left). More links, corrections and updates will be added in the future.